Friday, January 1, 2010

The Year That Was--2009 ( Part 2 )

Twitter;Jenny She-jshe has proven to be useful in October 2009 when I had to give a presentation at ULearn-an e-Learning conference held every year in New Zealand. Many teachers throughout the country enrolled in my session because they had known me and my work through Twitter. They had never met me but they have seen my work through the updates that I had posted on Twitter. I have to confess that while waiting at the hotel lobby for my turn to present, I overheard some teachers talking about how their friends couldn't get into my session because it was full and wished that it was in a bigger venue!. That made me smile! Thank you, Twitter!

My obsession of the use of Web 2.0 tools to enhance the students' learning continued to grow in 2009 and I had refined my skills in using them. Now, I am using a variety of Web 2.0 tools in my class blog: LIttle Voices, Little Scholars..

I realized how much I have advanced in the use of technology in my classroom when I managed to make a Christmas movie using imovie09 applying the Green Screen effect without much difficulties! It was not long ago (2004) when I first learned how to use imovie and have since kept refining my skills. My movie--Merry Christmas from Room 5 was a piece of work that I am proud of.

It is this type of continuous learning which I find extremely meaningful and rewarding. I am truely indebted to people who believe in me and trusted me along my learning journey.

Finally, I have to mention that my ULearn presentation was a highlight in 2009 too. It had boosted my confidence in public speaking which I normally refrain from. It is indeed a blessing to be able to share what we have learned and created.

The Year That Was--2009 ( Part 1 )

2009 was indeed a significant year for my learning journey. It had been a year full of surprises and happenings. Some of the surprises and events have changed my life and some have posed to be challenges. But the important thing is that they represtented my personal growth both in my personal life and in my career as a teacher!

My interest and indulgence in Twitter:jshe has to be the single most important factor that has affected my social networking skills. I was introduced to Twitter in late 2008 in an e-Learning conference in Christchurch in New Zealand. At that time, all I had in mind was to use Twitter as a platform to Promote my class blog: Little Voices, Little Scholars.

The turning point came when I met some very special people on Twitter ( I am not mentioning any names but these friends know who they are ) and these people are my treasure and they give me constant support in my work and in my personal life.