Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Twitter Song

What do you mean " Do I like it ?". I love it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seven Things ( Part 2 )

4. I have two cats, Pal and Skye. They are Birman cats and I love them dearly.

5. I have given up red wine since October 2008.

6. I have a fear of heights.( Please don't ever use this against me).

7. I went to Disneyland in Hong Kong in Jan 2009.

Seven Things ( Part 1)

7 things that you probably don't know about me--a Meme.
I received a tag from Digital Learning a few days ago to share 7 things about me. At first I thought I might be too busy to do this but being a keen blogger, I just couldn't help but join in. So here it goes:

1. I was born in Malaysia. I attended primary and secondary schools in Malaysia. My dad was a principal in a chinese medium primary school and my siblings and I went to his school. After I finished primary school, I went to a secondary school that used English as a medium of instruction. Because of this, I became bilingual. I can speak and write both Mandarin and English but I tend to be more proficient in English. While in high school, I was taught by VSA teachers from USA, Australia and New Zealand, as well as some Malaysian teachers depending on the subjects that I was doing.

2. When I was 18, I came to New Zealand to attend university. I was quite a scholar because I graduated with three degrees from the University of Auckland: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Town Planning and Master of Arts majoring in History.

3. While at university, I had several jobs in the summer holidays in order to support myself. The most memorable job was being a waitress in a chinese restaurant, where I learned to interact with the public and at one point, I even appeared in a TV commercial for a credit card company.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I was Inspired!

I am supposed to be on holiday here in Hong Kong. The thing about me is that I am addicted to twittering and I go on it everyday. It was while I was twittering that I was told that I need to have my own personal blog so that I can share and reflect on what I have learned. I thought to myself, that makes perfect sense. Then I was thinking how Myles teased me about putting my holiday snaps on my class blog. This will definitely put a stop to that. Then I looked at Allanah, Justine and Penny and the list goes on, they all have their own spaces.

And of course, the wonderful view from where I am sitting now ( --watching boats, ships and junks passing by on the blue sea) also contributes to my motivation. And if you look at the photo above, taken from the window where I am sitting by, you will agree with me that it is beautiful and very inspiring.