Monday, January 12, 2009

I was Inspired!

I am supposed to be on holiday here in Hong Kong. The thing about me is that I am addicted to twittering and I go on it everyday. It was while I was twittering that I was told that I need to have my own personal blog so that I can share and reflect on what I have learned. I thought to myself, that makes perfect sense. Then I was thinking how Myles teased me about putting my holiday snaps on my class blog. This will definitely put a stop to that. Then I looked at Allanah, Justine and Penny and the list goes on, they all have their own spaces.

And of course, the wonderful view from where I am sitting now ( --watching boats, ships and junks passing by on the blue sea) also contributes to my motivation. And if you look at the photo above, taken from the window where I am sitting by, you will agree with me that it is beautiful and very inspiring.


  1. Great to see you with a personal blog Jenny. I've only just set one up myself - just hope I can keep up with 2 blogs now!
    Love the photo - glad you managed to get it on here! Looking forward to reading your 7 things.

  2. Must agree with you - a great view. While I have a glimpse of the Tauranga Harbour, I'd like to see more of the coming and goings that happens at the port. I like sitting watching all the big ships come and go too!

  3. Congratulations and well done Jenny on making your OWN space here in the blogoshpere. I look forward to adding you to my Google Reader to get your updates!

  4. Already added you to google reader. Hope I can keep up with you!