Saturday, July 20, 2013

You Got Snapped!

Yes! I got snapped! And this is how it happened It was our Inquiry learning time! I had just finished showing the beautiful kids in my class our class blog on a projector. I was giving them instructions of how to leave comments on their friend’s posts if they wish t do so. We went over the rules of how to be cyber-smart and the fact that giving positive comments encourages good learning and happiness to other students. We had twenty minutes left before the end of the day. I let the class choose an activity of their own choice so that I can record stories for our class movies. Guess what happened next within a second! I could hear little Tatiana shouting from behind…” Miss She! You have been snapped! “. She has taken a photo of me recording Amelia reading to me! My immediate reaction was: “ Show me! “. I looked at the photo and saw that it was a very beautiful shot! I told her it was an amazing photo and told her that she was a very clever photographer. The moral of the story is “ I have given the student guidance but Tatiana has gone out of her own way to create her own show! And the fact that I was out of her sight indicates she was creating a new task of her own. I never told her to take my photo.” In this case, Tatiana was able to use the knowledge that she has gained to create something of her own. I call that “ intelligent learning or even porous learning! “. As a teacher, I have also learned that: “ You never know who is snapping or watching ?. “ This made me recalled of a Year 1 kid-- back in the year 2003 had recorded my whole Maths lesson. Prior to that , I had taught that boy how to record voices over his kid pix picture. And the funny thing is that he played back the recording to me. I was actually quite shocked...LOL...lucky for me...the lesson was beautifully done! Once again, thank you for coming by, my courteous readers!