Friday, July 24, 2009

Seth Godin Speaks on Social Networking and its implication!!

Seth Godin has been described as a person who 'writes the most popular marketing blog in the world'. If you google him, it says that 'he is the author of the bestselling marketing books of the last decade' and that he often 'speaks to large groups on the media about marketing'.

Now what has that to do with me, a primary school teacher who has no intention of going into marketing business ? A friend of mine, Maynas Eric Chua is forever mentioning him in his tweets and I have decided that I have to read and learn about Seth Godin and why Seth has been admired by so many people.

When I was researching about Seth Godin, I came across a video in which Seth Godin speaks frankly about social networking. He was talking about marketing all the time but the important thing is that he mentions how the relationship that we have built while twittering is the most important thing that helps us in our social life. It is this relationship which has been built on the basis of trust that will help us in our career and social life. I had to laugh because he said that now that he has so many friends, he can come to New Zealand and would easily find a place to stay.

Now, I am thinking about my own experiences and how I have some very good twitter friends as well as Facebook friends. I was told by my Singaporean twitter friends if I ever land on Singapore, I will be swamped by them and that they all want to see me.
Now that's really something and something that would not have happened if I have not been on Twitter. At the same time, my New Zealand twitter friends are just as generous. I have invitations waiting for me to have dinner and coffee with them when we go to Christchurch for the Ulearn ICT conference later on in October this year.

I have hereby embedded Seth Godin's video on social networking for you to enjoy.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Maynas Eric Chua, My best Twitter friend!

When I woke up this morning, I felt compelled to write this post about Maynas Eric Chua, my best twitter friend. I first met Eric on #twitter in April this year.

Our encounter with each other was like a fairy tale story. I was responding to John Larkin, another twitter friend, calling for shouts about why we use #twitter. John was giving a presentation to the Singaporeans about the surge of twittering in social networking. Eric responded to one of my questions and I tweeted him back without even checking his profile. We have since become very good friends for a lot of reasons.

Eric has been a good friend because he inspires me and he believes in me. Through him, I have learned that I can do and achieve anything. He taught me to set goals and go for the things that I want in life. He keeps me company whenever I need to talk to somebody. He has introduced many of his friends to me and now I have the largest network of friends I ever have in my life. He is the person that has gained my trust from the moment he sent me his first tweet in April 15th 2009. I feel forever indebted to him for these reasons and for many others that I can not disclosed.

Eric has the fantastic site:
Please do visit his site if you have time and you will learn that he is indeed a truely awesome person!

Recently, Eric was interviewed by a large television chanel, Channel News Asia on IT technolgy,Facebook and Twitter.
The following video shows Eric's awesome interview.

Yet Another Great Twitter Song that I like!

This morning #twitter posted this awesome twitter song and I liked it instantly. I have hereby embedded the song here just in case some of you might like it too. Being a twitter addict, I like all things related to twitter but this song has special appeal to me because of its powerful lyrics. So enjoy!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Twitter Addict!! Could you be one ?

While I was twittering this morning, I came across this video. It had reminded me of my Christmas holidays in Hong Kong in December 2008 and early January 2009. I had a wonderful time there but towards the end, I was getting bored of shopping and eating. The only joy that I could find in the end was twittering.
My twitter friends had kept me laughing and entertained all the time and we even drank our glasses of wine over the net on Christmas eve and New Year Day. It was just full of fun for me. Then came the crunch, my family decided that I was extremely anti-social(which I was because I was on my macbook all the time). They told me that I was not allowed on my laptop if I was with them. Guess what happened next, I found myself going into the bathroom very frequently in order that I could send my tweets out.
So here you are and that what people do if they enjoy doing something that they like.
So, watch this video, it will make you laugh.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Twitter in the classroom! Could it be a future trend ?

More and more learning institutions are talking about introducing twitter in the classroom. This video tells the story.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Don't Fight Against Twittering!

This video is about a young man's fight against using twittering.

Friday, February 27, 2009

This could be the future way of Reading: We could read with one hand.

At the rate we are going, we will not need a lot of space to store our books.
The e-books of the future are coming. Watch this video:

Friday, February 6, 2009

Picasa ( for Mac )

I have found this video clip helpful.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Twitter Song

What do you mean " Do I like it ?". I love it.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Seven Things ( Part 2 )

4. I have two cats, Pal and Skye. They are Birman cats and I love them dearly.

5. I have given up red wine since October 2008.

6. I have a fear of heights.( Please don't ever use this against me).

7. I went to Disneyland in Hong Kong in Jan 2009.

Seven Things ( Part 1)

7 things that you probably don't know about me--a Meme.
I received a tag from Digital Learning a few days ago to share 7 things about me. At first I thought I might be too busy to do this but being a keen blogger, I just couldn't help but join in. So here it goes:

1. I was born in Malaysia. I attended primary and secondary schools in Malaysia. My dad was a principal in a chinese medium primary school and my siblings and I went to his school. After I finished primary school, I went to a secondary school that used English as a medium of instruction. Because of this, I became bilingual. I can speak and write both Mandarin and English but I tend to be more proficient in English. While in high school, I was taught by VSA teachers from USA, Australia and New Zealand, as well as some Malaysian teachers depending on the subjects that I was doing.

2. When I was 18, I came to New Zealand to attend university. I was quite a scholar because I graduated with three degrees from the University of Auckland: Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Town Planning and Master of Arts majoring in History.

3. While at university, I had several jobs in the summer holidays in order to support myself. The most memorable job was being a waitress in a chinese restaurant, where I learned to interact with the public and at one point, I even appeared in a TV commercial for a credit card company.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I was Inspired!

I am supposed to be on holiday here in Hong Kong. The thing about me is that I am addicted to twittering and I go on it everyday. It was while I was twittering that I was told that I need to have my own personal blog so that I can share and reflect on what I have learned. I thought to myself, that makes perfect sense. Then I was thinking how Myles teased me about putting my holiday snaps on my class blog. This will definitely put a stop to that. Then I looked at Allanah, Justine and Penny and the list goes on, they all have their own spaces.

And of course, the wonderful view from where I am sitting now ( --watching boats, ships and junks passing by on the blue sea) also contributes to my motivation. And if you look at the photo above, taken from the window where I am sitting by, you will agree with me that it is beautiful and very inspiring.