Friday, July 24, 2009

Seth Godin Speaks on Social Networking and its implication!!

Seth Godin has been described as a person who 'writes the most popular marketing blog in the world'. If you google him, it says that 'he is the author of the bestselling marketing books of the last decade' and that he often 'speaks to large groups on the media about marketing'.

Now what has that to do with me, a primary school teacher who has no intention of going into marketing business ? A friend of mine, Maynas Eric Chua is forever mentioning him in his tweets and I have decided that I have to read and learn about Seth Godin and why Seth has been admired by so many people.

When I was researching about Seth Godin, I came across a video in which Seth Godin speaks frankly about social networking. He was talking about marketing all the time but the important thing is that he mentions how the relationship that we have built while twittering is the most important thing that helps us in our social life. It is this relationship which has been built on the basis of trust that will help us in our career and social life. I had to laugh because he said that now that he has so many friends, he can come to New Zealand and would easily find a place to stay.

Now, I am thinking about my own experiences and how I have some very good twitter friends as well as Facebook friends. I was told by my Singaporean twitter friends if I ever land on Singapore, I will be swamped by them and that they all want to see me.
Now that's really something and something that would not have happened if I have not been on Twitter. At the same time, my New Zealand twitter friends are just as generous. I have invitations waiting for me to have dinner and coffee with them when we go to Christchurch for the Ulearn ICT conference later on in October this year.

I have hereby embedded Seth Godin's video on social networking for you to enjoy.


  1. I strongly agree with Godin's analyzation of real relationships versus friends on social networking sites.

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  4. There is a lot to be said about real connections verses the ferndships created on social networking sites. I am a Facebook user, and have friended you. I did this so I could watch and learn. I also have friends on Facebook that have been by my side for years and years, who really KNOW who I am. I think the most important thing any internet networking person should ever do, is be yourself, and never ever lie. The truth always comes out in the wash! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and comments. I also enjoy following you on Facebook!