Sunday, July 24, 2011

My First Experience with Google Plus!

I have been wanting to write this post for a few days but got distracted by my busy life schedule as a teacher.  Today seems a perfect day to do it.

I first heard about Google Plus from a Facebook friend by the name of Nicola D. who lives in Italy.  He has a post on his wall about how Google was aiming at setting up a social net work site that is very similar to Facebook.  I was totally intrigued by what he said and after that I did a bit of reading on the net about the whole thing and I left it at the point.  The next day when I got up from bed, I found out that Google Plus was there for real and Nicola was sending out invites.  I was too late as his invites were all gone!  I felt a little disappointed because I want to be part of it.  Two days later, I tried signing up on G+ without any invite and wah la--BINGO! I got in!  What followed that was unbelievable!  I played with it and circled all the friends that I know very well and of course, Nicola was one of them.   It didn't look very user friendly at first but then I got the hang of it and  after that, it was a journey of no return from here.  I have to say Google Plus totally rocks! Awesome! Awesome!

The privacy feature of Google Plus is most impressive!  Now I can add my family members without offending anyone.  I can post stuff that I want to whatever circle that I prefer.  I have a school circle which consists of only educators and a close friend circle that I can share all things about my life and they won't mind.  And more, I have a crazy circle that consists of people whom I think are geeks and nerds that I can learn stuff from.

Inorder to pay forward, I have also send out invites to my good friends who want them and this make feel good because this is what social networking is about!  Thank you for coming by, my courteous readers! If anyone need any invites, please leave a comment or follow me on G+.

The photo below shows the cup of coffee that I had on Friday at a cafe in Auckland.  I requested Melissa who made the coffee to put the Google plus sign on it--just for fun.  Melissa was thrilled to do it.  She said in her 5 years of working there, nobody had ever made any personal requests before me.