Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Night When I was admitted to the Hospital.

It was on Monday night on the 2nd May 2011. I was feeling unwell after dinner and while brushing my teeth using my electric tooth brush, I vomited all the food I ate. I said to myself; Gosh! I had inserted my tooth brush too deep into my mouth.--at least that was what I thought was happening. I went to bed after the clean up. At 1 am, I had to rush to toilet and I visted the toliet at least 6 times within an hour. I thought I was suffering from food posioning. The turning point was at 2 am when I vomited a whole lot of blood and this was followed by instant passing of blood as well. I felt very sick and collasped into the couch! I was rushed to the Emergency department of the hospital immediately. Upon arrival, my blood prressure was taken and was given IV straight away. They also put needle on the other hand incase my bleeding wouldn't stop, they could give me blood transfusion. I was very weak but I was fully awake and knew that I was suffering from a bleeding stomach ulcer. They were pumping medicine into my system to stop the bleeding. I was then admitted into Ward 68 and was told that I had to stay there till the bleeding stopped. They also told me that at some point that night, they would give me an endoscopy. Meanwhile I was very tired but I couldn't and dare not sleep. I was afraid that If I slept, I would never wake up.

It was 5.30 am when the nurse came to check on me and I heard the patient sleeping across from me.--calling " Nurse, I lost my wedding ring, can you find it for me ? " The nurse replied ( while taking my blood pressure;) " Forget about your wedding ring and go to sleep! " Gosh! I said to myself; That wan't very nice of the nurse to say things like that. Anyway, I didn't say anything as the nurse was super nice to me and it was a funny time to look for a wedding ring. The next morning, that patient had a visitor and I overheard her asking her to keep her wedding ring for her. So at last, she never lost the ring. She also tod her grandaughter that the DARK nurse was rude to her! Gosh! How racist can one get? She was referring to the Indian nurse that was on duty and the one who had asked her to forget her wedding ring. I found out she was 93 years old. I wonder if she would have said that the YELLOW one was palying angry birds --if she had known what i was doing with my iphone! LOL!

And of course, throughout the night, all sorts of tremor were happening but none as amusing as the LOST WEDDING RING!

I am grateful that I am now well and in good shape and I owe that to GOD who has answered the prayers! Thank you all--for reading and listening and for being here! I am totally touched!


  1. I hope you've been recuperating Jenny!

  2. Hey Ms. She, I am Brad Goldman, a student in Dr. Strange's EDM 310 class at the University of South Alabama. I am going to be summarizing your blog post on my blog as an assignment for class. Wow that is an amazing story. I'm glad you are okay. Things like that sure can come out of nowhere without any warning, and it's a good thing that you got to the hospital in time. That is a funny story about the older lady. It seems like once you get to a certain point of your life, you just don't care what you say to people anymore, but I guess they have kind of earned that right. I hope everything is still going well.

  3. Jenny,

    I'm glad you are feelings better! Stomach ulcers are no fun, and incredibly painful; I'm sure you know that, by now! God bless that old lady's heart. I'm a quarter Asain, so your "yellow" comment me laugh. I often refer to myself as yellow, too! I hope you don't have anymore episodes!

    April C.